Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sad Thought - Happy Thought

Sad Thought -

I just found out that Anchorage School District no longer has a Community Schools program. Sometime while we were stationed Outside the school district decided they didn't want to have any part in supporting the community schools program. They turned it over to a volunteer group. But the school district charged the volunteer organization so much to use the school facilities they couldn't afford to keep the program open. How lame is that? They used to have the greatest classes (all kinds of dance and martial arts, cooking, crafts, business). I was hoping to find a beginners canning class through community schools and now I'm just out of luck.

Happy Thought -

KeepMusicPagan's Channel on Youtube. Instead of sorting through pages and pages of search results on Youtube to find good pagan songs when I'm in the mood to put on something drummy and dance around (yes, I have now declared "drummy" is a word), I just pop on to KeepMusicPagan and find something that fits the bill.

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