Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A lazy day with some crafty goodness

I've got a toothache and I want to curl up and die. Unfortunately, If I do curl up, all I can do is think about how much my tooth hurts and that I can't get into the dentist until tomorrow. So I spent most of today working on projects in a desperate attempt to distract myself from the throbbing on the side of my face :(

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread. This was kind of an expiriment since I didn't have all the ingredients. It tasted great though. I suprised Honey with it when he came home for lunch. It's a good thing I took this picture before the bread cooled and I flipped it out of the pan. It didn't last long enough after it cooled to take a picture.

The Bobbins I use for Viking Whipcord Braiding. Two people toss them back and forth in a pattern and can make cord. Honey made me these out of wooden balls and candlesticks from Michael's but I've done this braiding technique with water bottles and juice bottles as the bobbins too.

The finished cord. Enough for two necklaces.

I used blue and black for this cord. Blue for protection and Black for the absorbtion of negative energy. While Honey and I made the cord, we spoke words of blessing and protection for the people who will recieve the necklaces.
The finished product :)

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