Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just to make you wince...

We've all met one, the uber-Wiccan (if you haven't you, might want to check the mirror). It just goes to show idiocy knows no religion. I was a religion major so I pretty much see all religions through irony colored glasses, especially my own.

Also Something Positive is an awesome web comic. In a never has been and never will be PC sort of way. But start at the beginning.


  1. Got a good chuckle from that. To me, the bottom line isn't religion, it's one's worldview. That's the real definer and motivator.

  2. Ha, it just goes to show you that "holier than thou" can come from anybody...

    I got your comment on my blog about the books. I tried to respond to the comment via email, but it didn't want to work. Just dropping by to let you know that I would definitely be interested! :) Much thanks,