Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Word ...

Several of the bloggers I read are doing something a little different for their new years resolutions this year. The concept is pretty simple. Instead of picking a bunch of new years resolutions and trying (usually unsuccessfully) to keep them you pick one word that you want to describe your new year. It took me a while to find just one word to describe all my hope for this coming year but I think I finally found it...


I'm going to resist the urge to clarify what I want this word to mean and just allow the word to sit here on my blog and in my subconscious and see what comes of it.


  1. What a great idea! I guess mine would be "busy," *LOL.

    Thanks so much for visiting my homestead blog and taking time to leave a comment. I empathize with you about your bathroom reno and the sheetrock. It seems that all our projects so far have had unforeseen surprises so I can relate. We may well find more problems with our bathroom when we really get into it.

    I've looked around your blog a little and have really enjoyed it. I like your blog purpose and like you, find blogging an excellent help in accountability. I find that once I write it for the world to read, I'm much more likely to follow through!

  2. Active about says it all for me as well!