Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet my lovely looms

You've already met my favorite loom. But I have a few others that were feeling left out.
The reigning favorite. I can both inkle and card weave on it.

The box loom I picked up from Lynn the Weaver as Estrella War.

The last of the looms hubby made for my class. He made a loom for each student and this was my demo loom. My honey is awesome.

Ashford Inklett with an altered stand. When I first bought this loom, I hated it. It was always tipping over during warping and while I was weaving it. A wonderful woodworker in the SCA made a new support for me and once I added that, it worked great and had a perfect handle to boot. This loom is the one I take to camping events and feasts.

The full size Ashford is not my favorite loom. It tends to twist as you warp it and put tension on it. You have to do a lot of extra steps to get the warp even. It does however have a nice long warp so sometimes I'm willing to jump through the hoops to get the extra length.

The copper loom I made for card weaving based on the directions I found at the WormSpit Blog. It is an awesome loom for card weaving a continuous warp. It's especially useful for two-way turning or double face weaving.

The 4 harness loom I bought on Craigslist. It needs a little repair work but we moved not to long after I got the loom and I haven't really had the time since. Hopefully I can get in touch with the local weavers guild soon and find someone to teach me how to warp it.

My last loom is my 7yd inkle loom. It looks like the one below from Thomas Creations. Unfortunately, it's not a very sturdy loom. When I warp it, it tends to bow extreemly bad unless I leave the tension so loose as to be almost non-existant. The Oak is only 3/4" and only half that at the joins so it just doesn't have the strength to handle a lot of tension. This last army move the loom was broken and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet. Honestly I'm going to try and reinforce it so it doesn't bow otherwise it's just not worth it to use it.

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