Sunday, January 10, 2010

A movie recomendation (and maybe a little pouting)

Pout, Pout Honey is gone again. This time for a week of training in Hawaii. Baby and I miss him. At least this time it's only for a week.

I spent most of the day working on organizing my craft room. When we moved into our house, I pretty much just put my boxes of craft supplies and fabric anywhere they would fit in the craft room. Since we jumped right into making the needed repairs on the house, I've never really gotten a chance to organize my supplies properly. Unfortunately, that means everytime I've needed something I've had to search for it which doesn't lend itself to keeping my craft room clean and organized. Since Honey's gone this week I'm going to make working on the craft room one of my priorities along with going out to spend a couple days out at my parents with my grandpa (who has Alzheimer's) so that Mom can have a break.

This evening I'm having a little bit of a girly night. ColdStone and a chick flick. I'm watching one of my favorite movies - Arranged. A young Muslim woman and a young Orthodox Jewish woman are first year teachers at the same school and strike up a friendship.

Update - The Chicken Stock came out beautifully. I left it on low in the crock pot all night and half the next day. Then I strained out the solid bits and put it in the refrigerator overnight so I could take out most of the fat. Now it's in the freezer waiting for my next batch of soup. I got about 12 cups of stock from things that I would have just had to throw away (or compost).


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