Friday, January 1, 2010

Fire and Ice Festival for New Years Eve

(A picture from last years festival I found online. Unfortunately, I was pretty cold and I didn't want to expose my camera to the elements so I didn't take any pictures)

We spent New Years Eve at the Fire and Ice Festival in downtown Anchorage. Lots of Fire Dancing, Fireworks, Ice Carving, and Skating. This year was the "Year of the Volcano" in honor of Mt. Redoubt's antics earlier this year and Hawaii's 50th anniversary. One of the best parts of the event was that it was totally free. Got to love fun activities that don't cost us a thing.

Tomorrow is Christmas at my parents. My brother was on the slope for Christmas and my sister took the only grand baby to his other grandparents home for Christmas so we decided to postpone the family Christmas until we could all be together.

Must learn Poi.

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