Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm pretty sure my dog hates me (he's probably justified)

It's bad enough that I can't seem to clean my house without ending up wearing a belly dancing hipscarf and a tiara (no joke, I'm just weird). It's even worse that somehow in my latest cleaning endeavor my poor Baby ended up wearing a costume too.



OK in my defence this was actually the costume I found at the Thrift Store for Baby to wear on Halloween while we gave sweets out to the trick or treaters. Unfortunately, my MIL ended up coming home from the hospital that night and I missed all the trick or treaters. This week I've been tearing apart and reorganizing my craft room and happened to come across the costume (along with the aforementioned hipscarf and tiara) and wanted to at least see it on Baby.... Yeah, baby wasn't really impressed with my reasoning either.


  1. I would not have been able to resist it either! So cute. But your poor baby does not look too thrilled! LOL

  2. Too funny! What an expression. Baby is definitely not impressed.

  3. that is too cute and thank you for visiting my blog