Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank You Grandpa

Thank You Grandpa ...
-for loving so many children no one else wanted
-for taking a chance on a troubled teenage boy
-for unconditional love
-for creative punishments
-for being a man of principle and honor
-for teaching that to your children
-for stories
-for smiles
-for being a cranky old man

I love you Grandpa and I'm going to miss you so much. I'm so glad for you that you don't have to be trapped by your own mind anymore but I'm going to miss your smile and stories so much. You didn't have to raise my dad and you surely didn't have to love him but you did and it changed everything. I hope at the end of my life I have even a fraction of the legacy you've left behind. Thank You Grandpa and I love you.

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