Tuesday, March 9, 2010


thewholecamera 062

A dehydrator only a mother (or thrifty maven) could love. It takes the trays from the dehydrator I bought when I was in college ($40 new), a slightly better dehydrator and it's trays ($5 Salvation Army) and the trays from another used dehydrator ($12 Value Village). All told I can use up to 11 feet of dehydrating space (I'm only using 9 of the trays in the picture). Additionally my thrift store purchases also came with 8 fruit leather trays and I have another functional fan/heater if my favorite one ever breaks. Just the extra trays would have cost me $7-10 each new and the fruit leather trays would have been about $5 each.

thewholecamera 066

And here's the jams I made in my class at the Cooperative Extension. A nice blueberry jam and a low sugar strawberry. One of the people in the class brought bread she made that morning and a french butter bell. So we got to eat fresh made, still warm jam with homemade bread and nice spreadable butter. Best class ever!


  1. sounds amazing! A goal for me this year is to learn to can and make such lovely things as well.

  2. I really need to learn how to preserve things. I have a million beetroot that I need to do something with!