Sunday, February 28, 2010

Money Free Week Day 6 - Late Post

Money spent day 10 - $0
Flylady - still working on hot spots

This is actually yesterdays post. I spent most of the day out in the Valley again helping my brother paint his house. When we were done, I was so tired and hungry it was a fight not to just stop somewhere and pick up food before the 1hr drive home. I was very stern with myself and came right home. Then I snacked on a bunch of dehydrated apples while I cooked some dinner.

Honey was able to get to a WiFi connection yesterday night so we got to spend some time in a real-time chat instead of just sending e-mails back and forth. It was really nice to get to communicate back and forth.

On my last visit to the library I checked out The Home Creamery. I'm hoping to try some of the recipes once I have some milk again. I'm thinking I might be able to set my dehydrator up to keep the milk at the right temperature to make yogurt. Eventually I want o try making Keffir but I need to find a source of keffir grains first.


  1. Ooh, I'm going to try making yogurt this week. I tried last week and it just didn't work :( If you try it and manage to get it right tell me how you did it!

  2. Life is funny sometimes. I'm staying at my family home this week so I can watch my nephew and I brought out everything I needed to try making yogurt. Well, I looked in the fridge and what do I see but more than a dozen of those little yogurt tubs. I guess they were on sale and my sister bought a bunch. So yogurt making is put on hold until we use up all the stuff she already bought :)