Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Money Free Week Day 3 - Buying Stuff Withdrawal

Day 7 money spent - $0
Fly Lady day 5 - so so but still working on it

I think I'm suffering spending withdrawal. I don't need anything. I'm not going to die if I don't see what's at the thrift store but I still really, really want to go and check. The first two days went OK but it seems like I can't turn around without thinking of something I should run out and buy. Honestly, it's pretty sad. I didn't realise to what extent I was using the thrift stores and just wandering a store and shopping in general as a stress reliever. We are working so hard on getting out of debt but to make it happen I need to curtail my spending (a great deal at the thrift store is only a great deal if what you bought was actually a necessity). I really need to reevaluate this area of my life and come up with a plan. I do not think this kind of relationship with money is healthy so I need to change.


  1. The first step is recognising you have a problem! Find something you like to do that you can do instead of shopping. What about baking something? just learned to bake bread last week and I find it quite stress relieving kneading the a giant stress ball!

  2. I applaud you for seeing this in yourself and taking steps to stop it. So many North Americans suffer from this affliction. Another thing to try is to go out for a walk and bring a snack and a blanket or find a nice bench and just enjoy being out and seeing people but leave your money/wallet at home. This way you are out in the world but you can't spend. I find that helps me because sometimes being at home for too long just reminds you of all the "things" you need/want. Also there is nothing wrong with making lists of things you think you need today and waiting. In a month or two if you still need them then you feel like you can justify buying them and you can feel proud that you waited until you had the cash to purchase it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Jen - I've been trying to get out but it can be hard with more than 4ft of snow on the ground :) I've gone to the library just to hang out around people a couple times this week.
    Rachael - Baking is a really good idea. I've been doing a lot of cooking lately but bread'll have to wait until my money free week is over since I'm out of some of the ingredients I'd need to try to make bread. Tonight I'm going to try and figure out a recipie I like for instant flavored oatmeal at home (using some of my apple chips to make apple/cinnamon oatmeal). When I find one I like, I post it online.