Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aprons, Aprons Everywhere


(An apron for my future SIL and a cute little matching pinafore apron for her daughter. )

So far this year I've made Christmas aprons for Grandma, Aunt L, Wonderful Crazy Aunt G, Honey's Aunt C, Cousin A's Texas themed Apron, Honey's BBQing Apron, a Gingerbread themed apron for my sister, and a gingerbread man apron for my nephew. And last night I finished my last aprons of the year. A set of mother and daughter aprons for my maybe future sister in law and her daughter. Future SIL has been trying to learn how to cook so I thought this would be a great present to encourage her and give her something pretty and homemade.


(a matched set of aprons I made for my sister and nephew. Hers is a basic apron with gingerbread print fabric and his is a little gingerbread man.)
Of course now that I've made all these aprons and the year is almost finished I realized the one person I didn't make an apron for this year is me. Oops. Guess that can be my first new years resolution.

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