Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on the Dreaded Christmas List

Today I worked on some of my Christmas sewing projects. My MIL is still in the recovery stage where she can't really move around by herself so I'm doing a lot of the cutting for various projects since I can do that on the table in the dining room and still be near enough to be on hand. When I get all the cutting done I'll probably drag one of my sewing machines out to the dining room and work on it. When I get the sewing projects done, I'm going to work on some kanzashi Christmas ornaments. Kanzashi are the beautiful fabric flower hair ornaments worn by apprentice Geisha in Japan. Recently, at a craft fair, I saw where a person had made some out of blue and silver fabrics to look like snow flakes and turned them into Christmas Ornaments. Since I've already made a few for my hair, I'm going to try and make some for Christmas presents this year (hopefully using fabrics I already own).

Mom - ?, homemade jam, kanzashi ornaments
Sister - ?, homemade jam, kanzashi ornament
BIL - ?
Nephew - exercise video game
Brother - ?
future SIL - matching mother and daughter aprons
future niece - refurbished used Doll House
name present A - Hand crocheted chenille scarf (what she asked for, she might still get the apron too if I have time)
name present J - Funny character ties and several first books in series honey and I like to introduce him to new series
G & M - homemade apron & cookies

MIL - ?, homemade apron, kanzashi ornament
L BIL - books
K SIL - cool photo spinney thing (thrift store)
M BIL - ?
J SIL - Pretty homemade necklace and earrings, kanzashi ornament
Aunt and Uncle - homemade jam and apron, ornament?

M & S - homemade cookies, bath salts
C & J - homemade cookies, bath salts

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